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80/20 rule in content marketing- blog post

 Applying the 80/20 Rule to Content Marketing

by, Audette Sophia

This is worth reading if you are in the ‘wheel-spinning doing too many things for not enough payoff’ mode with your social media/marketing efforts.

I’m sure you have heard by now of the 80/20 rule, because it appears to apply to a vast array of situations.   

Here is how I apply this to being usefully relevant to my Content Marketing students & clients:

The GOAL is to spend 80% of your marketing efforts on 1 thing that you Shine the strongest in.

& 20% of your time & effort dabbling, playing around & having fun trying other approaches, tools & tactics.


That thing you shine in… becomes what you become Known for & becomes the main mechanism to Attract new people into your world- thus ties to your Sales. 
(for Examples think Seth Godin’s blog or Marie TV or Pat Flynn podcast) 
It becomes the way you get 2 of the things you crave most- recognition & easeful profits. 



When you don’t know yet What that 1 shining thing Is for you/your personal brand… because you are starting out, or pivoting, or just haven’t honed in & hit your stride yet in this overwhelming world of online biz & social media… well, then we just reverse the math equation.

Then I advise you to spend 80% of your efforts Test-Playing options. 
You design graphics, you record voice memos or do a play interview to see if you could be a podcast genius, you shoot low-pressure videos on your phone, etc…

This is not to be confused with falling down guru rabbit-holes & feeding yourself too much advice about too many platforms at once. Also not a permission slip to waste hours every day in the sinkhole of social media comparison & consumption.

What about that 20% then? That is spent showing up daily on 1 platform & posting/engaging around your core topic(s).
Don’t overthink it… whichever platform you enjoy & feel comfortable putting content out on. 
This is exactly what we do in the CREATIVE LAB Content Incubator.  

We get Agile & Playful while we discover what works.
We take the bloody Pressure OFF & Prototype & Experiment & Test Play.

We collect feedback, gather data, & use all of that to Hone In on your unique Winning Formula. 
Once you have your winning formula & it’s given the strategy & styling makeovers that I am known for… 

then you throw the bulk of your marketing bandwidth behind it.

It becomes your Priority & what you give your commitment to & vow to get consistent with. Not because someone online said you “should”… but because it won the experiential test. It has proven itself both suited to you & worthy of your time. 

You hit the gas pedal & ride that vehicle… picking up attention & authority & clients as you go.


You never let it get stale though. 

Because you have the 20% playing around with shiny objects… you find ways to weave new discoveries into your Core formula.
You keep it a vital living & evolving entity.

Thus you can be relied on to consistently deliver good ideas & strategies to your people in a format they like… as well as to stay fresh & innovative because your foot remains on the gas pedal while your finger remains on the pulse.


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