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Hello! I’m Audette

I’m a multi-modal Creative, visual marketing strategist & ladyboss of two fantastic companies; Catalyst Arts &
Catalyst Studios.

I’m Obsessed with Gold & Creativity & Optimization & have an endearing passion for the Arts, especially layered together into meaningful mosaics. Over the years those have taken the forms of performance troupes, interactive installations, a social playing card game, & creative incubators.  

As a multi-passionate Creator- It is a great privilege to bring my Whole self in the world & create enterprises that are aligned & also make good $. 
This is the the Gold Zone that I steer all my clients & students into.

As far as degrees & such go: I’ve got a BA in Integrative Arts, & certifications in career coaching, content marketing, integrated marketing, & experiential marketing.   

I love supporting my clients to polish their Multi-Faceted Brands & express them in versatile video series.  

I look forward to getting to know you! 

Things I Love



Catalyst Studios Core Values- values made visual

I’m the Creator Of:

MagiKidz - kids entertainment company

Some Client Love

“If you’re seeking support for your biz/brand and content creation I can’t say enough about the endlessly inspiring, industrious and brilliant Audette Sophia!

I’ve been so immeasurably grateful to be able to turn to Audette for direction & practical guidance. Each session I get “Ah ha”! moments, new ideas, & come away uplifted and empowered with several nuggets of inspiration.

She’s an authentic, warm, and wise coach – so if you’re wondering if you want her to help you on your way…don’t wait. If my arms could reach you, they’d be pushing you off the fence for your own best interest right now!”


Longevity Coach

On the way…



Herbalist & Counselor , Green Lion

“Since Audette and I started working together, I’ve experienced a complete turnaround in my life – in my job, my finances, my love life and soon-to-be my home. She knows how to help guide me towards what I want to bring into my life, and she doesn’t judge when I’m off-track; she simply, gently, helps me refocus. Audette has been a wonderful advocate for me.”

Sha Kelly

Multi-passionate Creative

I Believe

I believe with all my Heart that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

That we all have the inherent capacity to CREATE- with our Thoughts & our Actions.
That we can Create those BIG Exciting things that our Heart nudges us towards even if our minds fear & doubt.

I believe that those of us with big hearts Who Think Out of the Box & color outside the Lines & Dream BIG- are the ones best suited to build Bridges to the future we Want (not the one we fear)

That is why I created Catalyst Studios— to Amplify the Ideas + Offerings of Creators who CARE & who have hard-earned Wisdom & skills & experience to share. To help them get SEEN & HEARD through Magnetic MEDIA & a Savvy AF content marketing strategy.

Because artificially flavored toxic CRAP is being broadcast bright & loud into impressionable minds. It makes me sad & a little bit sick.

Spin doctors have hijacked the narrative & paid their way to eyeball dominance on an aggressive global scale.

Meanwhile, brilliant storytellers & wise warriors & shy geniuses are quietly hiding behind their computers.

Businesses with unhealthy harmful products are boosted to ridiculous levels of success while businesses with profound purposes & services struggle to even stay alive.

Media (video & especially multi-media) is the most Powerful Storytelling Mechanism of our Time.

I want to see that magic wand in better hands.

I want to see & hear healthy, positive, powerful messages reaching deeper & further through meaningful media.

I want to see starving artists & struggling wantrepreneurs become founders of thriving brands that Blossom Big & leave lasting imprints on our culture & meaningful legacies for their founders.

I believe it is time for those of us Inspired by forces so much greater than ourselves to Step into the Light & Polish our Messages like golden arrows then shoot them into the Heart of the narrative.

Into the heart of Culture.

Those who have a Fire in their Souls to disrupt the matrix & bland status quo & Catalyze movements & Change Minds & reach in & Grab hearts & Imaginations with ART that is Vivid & Real. With Programs that are truly Transformational. 

Those are the Creators that I am here to support. 

I want to help these Brands GROW & become FRUITFUL in all meanings of the word.

I want this with all my heart. Because I trust the motivations of the big-hearted big dreamers with the drive & the courage to Create something extraordinary in this crazy world.

Let’s Get it Done!

Simplified Timeline


Graduated with a B.A. in Integrative Arts

Completed a 4 yr long undergrad that I designed myself & was pretty much a holistic tour of the Arts from many angles. 
(my minor was applied ecopsychology) 


Got Certified as a Career Coach 

After an existential crisis with a lot of self-reflective journaling I decided I wanted to help other Creatives with their Career. I saved up & did the program & practiced on many ‘broke artist’ friends but only ever got a handful of paying clients. Which pushed me right into the arms of Marketing… 


My Stint in Marketing 

I studied marketing via books & courses at local universities & landed a paid marketing internship with IABC (international association of business communicators) & some marketing assistant gigs, but ultimately decided marketing was a bit too dry & analytical for my creative spirit. 


Started Catalyst Arts Entertainment 

It was actually a rebrand because I had tried to run ‘my coaching biz’ under Catalyst Arts… but after a series of signs… I created a company in the special events industry that I already had 10+ years professional experience. My costume closet went on steroids & so did my menu of offerings. I had SO much fun building that colorful creative empire from the ground up. 


-Start Catalyst Studios

Inspired by a vision at a biz retreat in Mexico I dive head first into online biz study in my spare time (& then due to Corona + events drying up, full time) & I forge a new company more aligned with my Why- those deeper impact goals of using my entrepreneurial & marketing know how to get more Creators to legacy level & amplify positive messages via media


Open up a 3rd HQ in Bali which I teleport to part-time. Take my Philanthropy to the next level with the Catalyst Creative Fund that gives seed grants to thousands of social & environmentally progressive art, design & media projects every year. 

Let's work together!

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