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Content Pyramid Framework

Here is a 3 min video walkthrough of my simple Content Pyramid Framework. 

It shows the different levels & how we keep ascending the Creative levels. 


Content Creation Pyramid by Audette of Catalyst Studios

, but This is a model for those of us who feel called to contribute, create, and offer something to the conversation (not just consume what’s already there.)

But we do all start as consumers… which honestly is a terrible word. Observers. Watchers & listeners. Appreciators.

You learn a lot about what draws you in & gets you motivated by intaking other creators content.

Creating your own original content can be really intimidating, especially when you are starting out in your business, so curation is a great bridge.

You start by being using your taste as a filter.
Say for example that you have impeccable taste in dance videos & love to watch them.
There are millions of them out there so every week you are going to pick the top ten dance videos that rocked your world.

Then you present those curated picks to your growing audience via your e-letter or blog or favorite social platform. Other dance lovers who like your taste save time by not having to look through hours and hours of videos to get to these creme de la creme ones.

You can begin to become known for a topic while your content is in the Curator tier.

Oprah Winfrey & Marie Forleo actually rose to fame from their Curation of content. They built both expertise & authority by interviewing others. 


When we begin in the Creator tier it is perfectly fine & healthy to dabble.

You try out writing & maybe you record some audio, and give video a try.

You make quote visuals and social media graphics that aim to educate.

You gather evidence internally about what feels good & easy for you to do. What feels like an uphill battle requiring ‘shoulds’ vs what you are just naturally driven to do.

This experimentation phase should lead you to your preferred medium or modality.
The keeper. The one that feels right.
Note–It is always best to arrive at this by trying things out then by overthinking it & talking yourself out of trying something that you are curious about but scared of. (like I was for a long time with video)

When your topic & message feels clear + your modality is chosen– then it becomes all about committing to both properly by drawing a line in the sand & declaring that you will become reliable in producing a thing on a regular basis. 
Not just A thing… Your thing. 
This will be the thing you become known for.

If you want to become known it is really good to get to this stage when you are ready to commit to a particular thing.  


–> That you will show up 2x a week with new Tips videos
–> That you create 1 educational carousel each week that you repurpose into 2 pins & a Facebook post.
–> That you do 1 Live video each week.
–> That you write a new blog post every Thursday.
–> That you start a podcast & publish 2 per month
–> That you write a new article each week & post it to a shortlist of outlets

When you stick with it & keep funneling your learning & experience & passion into that regular publishing… you naturally end up creating a whole Garden of content.

A body of work.

Proof that you actually know your $hit.

A foundation upon which to build an entrepreneurial enterprise such as a Membership or a consultancy.

Finding Collaborators & working on joint-projects starts to elevate you even further.

The power of Synergy boosts all involved in healthy collaborations, or what I like to call Creationships.

For those who are really ambitious & to whom impacting their community or even the culture at large is a high priority– they keep pushing to the next tier.

You leverage all that you have done in all the other tiers of this journey to create your catalyst work.


Perhaps you join or start an organization.

Perhaps you begin teaching or even create an academy.

Perhaps you begin teaching the teachers.
Training the Trainers.
Inspiring others in your field.
Speaking on stages.
At this level, you may write that book you’ve thought about for the past decade.
You may get asked to do a Ted talk.

The Catalyst Level is Legacy Level.

It all becomes way bigger than you.
You are create something that will truly outlast you.
Your reach becomes so much bigger because your touch is optimized to have a ripple effect.

The people who aspire to this level are the kind of creators & entrepreneurs who I most want to work with.

You who’s vision cannot be achieved by 1 person.
You who are willing to Dream BIG & also humble yourself to be a good team player & a generous boss & musing mentor to others.

You who want yearn to impact the way we see the world or what is possible for us within it.

You who earn your wisdom from experience & allow yourself true empowerment. Not out of proving or vanity/ego but simply because it is a pre-requisite for properly empowering others. Which is a burning desire.

You want to create wealth because you want to Give Back in a big way.

Well hats off to you. I wish you smooth strong ascension up this pyramid of your own creative actualization. Your own fruition.

If you want some acceleration of the process… peek at my Services Page or check out the Creative Lab 6 week content accelerator. 

The journey of the Creator is not a climbing of a ladder. It is an organic spiral ascension… visualized here as a pyramid.
It can also be seen as a garden. An opus. A temple. A vault of treasure. 

Your imagination is the only limit.



Create More- consume less, visual minifesto from Audette Catalyst Studios
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