Running on caffeine, ambition, and fabulous ideas, you have so much to offer this world!

While you’ve created a lot to be proud of, so much is left undone.
Perhaps you are:

✓ Overwhelmed AF from doing it ALL yourself 

✓ Great at your Services but not as great at all the Business of business 

✓ Multi-faceted multi-hyphenate type & struggle with Focusing 

✓ Not über tech savvy & get frustrated figuring the How 

✓ Not stellar at branding & marketing yourself/your biz 

✓ Longing for more support but legit biz coaches & masterminds feel out of reach

✓ Distract-able & could use some help with Accountability 

✓ Decidedly Not an Internet Star (yet) & wondering how to get noticed & Shine 

✓ Not very Consistent about your content creation

You have many Facets & Passions. It’s exhausting juggling the thousand Projects  & Ideas for your growing biz.


I want you to be a Powerful Creator & do meaningful work.
I know that focusing in on your CORE & Mapping your Strategy from this golden spine or value pathway is the best way to go from Overwhelm to Orchestrated.

Your Core Content becomes a Foundation for your brand & it’s influence, as well as what you become known for.
It is how you bridge the gaps in your customer journey as well as propel yourself towards the Success you crave.



If you came here to make a Difference… then you Have to Stand Up & Stand Out.

You are a Unique Gem with many Facets.

Your brand should Fit you
(be real + connected to your truths both strong & weak)

Your brand should Convey the best you have to Give & open doors for you to give it.

We are living in the golden age of Tools. Let’s fully leverage them to Amplify your Ideas & carve out your perfect little Queendom on Planet Internet.

You don’t need to do it all Alone. Saying yes to this Incubator is being fully
committed to your Growth. 

Accelerate your biz & Create outstanding content with a small community of big hearted Creators like you. 

This is for YOU If…

👉🏼 You are a Courageous Creator or Big Hearted Biz Owner with high hopes & big aspirations.

👉🏼 You’re genuinely driven to touch, teach & transform people through your content

👉🏼 You are multi-passionate & struggle with scatteredness, self-doubt & overwhelm

👉🏼 You’re Motivated to break through your challenges, Step Up Into playing a bigger game + create grand things in this world 

👉🏼 You could benefit from more guidance, consistent encouragement, growth structures, & supportive community

👉🏼 You have Ideas+ Messages + Gifts burning 
to be given in larger spheres of Influence & because of that your down for the Inner & outer Work to make that possible

👉🏼 You are more committed to your generous Fruitfulness than you are to fears + excuses that hold you back

👉🏼 You want to make a really good living from your Gifts & ultimately Grow your biz/brand into a Legacy & give back with it.

We officially start August 1st ! JOIN the WAITLIST & get a special BONUS training.


Well Hello… I am Audette…

esA Ladyboss & Creative Content Strategist. 

I am TMFMOG AF (Too multi-faceted for my own good) & have done a Lot of dabbling & shiny idea chasing, yet managed to weave many threads together into an eclectic artistic career & also  successful thriving businesses. 

I run Catalyst Arts– a dynamic entertainment company in California that has thousands of costumes, books 100+ artists to bring fabulousness to hundreds of events a year.

I’m Obsessed with Gold & Creativity & Optimization & though I am an artist to the bone… I fancy myself a bit of a social scientist too… conducting personal & social experiments. 

I do have some legit training in coaching & branding & marketing & I have grown a thriving service-based biz… But I  am not trying to ‘position myself’ as some business expert with some perfect plan to save you & make you rich.

I’d love to be a sort of biz fairy godmother & catalyst in your life… to help you stop making excuses & start making More Magic, Money & Impact!

Core Content Creation Roadmap by Audette- Catalyst Studios

The Core Content Creation Roadmap will be our guide as the ‘Core Content’ of this program that helps you to Clarify, Structure, & Create YOUR Core Content. (meta I know) 

Core Content Action Plan- course overview (Growth Lab & Catalyst Studios)

+ If you join this Summer there are


The tricky part is knowing which are most strategic, and finding the bandwidth to implement them all.

(not to mention all the other things you need to research to make your dreams a reality… like what tech to use, which platform is best and how do you make it all work?)  

So you end up spread thin chasing shiny tactics, spinning your wheels doing #allthethings, but end up feeling pretty $hitty about how little of those grand intentions you’ve actually accomplished.


You really want to develop a world-class program that deeply impacts lives & also makes you a great living without ‘selling out’.                       
Oh & maybe leading a few transformational retreats a year in exotic locations would be a nice perk of this dream. 🙂

Ok yeah sounds fantastic… But HOW to Actually Get to that level from where you are now.

The Growth Lab is an INCUBATOR for the ongoing development of your creative projects, your core content pathways, & through that– your brand. 

It’s time to step into being a Prolific Creative BOS$ and the Growth Lab
(and all the amazing members inside) will help you do that.

The Goal is to GET $HIT DONE! The Right Priority stuff. This means Consistent ACTION.
Action leads to Momentum & Momentum is Everything in Business.

To sidestep the Pressure… I employ this mindset & framework of Experimentation.
You try & test & tweak & constantly refine your strategy & your offering.

Designed to Support Scattered Creative Entrepreneurs to Hone in on & Follow Through on your Prioritized Projects, creating Savvy Magnetic Content to build you brand & fill your funnel. 

We officially start August 1st ! JOIN the WAITLIST & get a special BONUS training.

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