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Creative Lab

Running on caffeine, ambition, and fabulous ideas, you have so much to offer this world!

While you’ve created a lot to be proud of, so much is left undone.

You don’t need more Information. You need support for Implementation
A Community that helps you actually CREATE Consistent Content.


This is not a course or membership heavy on content to consume & light on support to actually make any of it useful. 

This is not a Facebook Group or Mighty Community you have to try to remember to log into & feel guilty that you don’t. 


It is more like the coolest co-working space you can imagine turned into a Virtual CLUBHOUSE.

You gain access to multiple spatial Video Spaces  to use for client meetings, interviews, small groups, even for teaching workshops. (you might even cancel your zoom subscription once you feel how much better these meetings are)

You get access to the GEMS VAULT where I stash trainings & visual templates for branding, content creation, & visual marketing. 

You get your own multi-purpose Lab Space, a Community Board (for seeking/offering), & a Gallery to track your progress & present your project at the Quarterly Sharecase Event   

This is for YOU If…

👉🏼 You are a small service-based Biz Owner 

👉🏼 You’re genuinely driven to touch, teach & transform people through your content

👉🏼 You are multi-passionate & struggle with scatteredness, self-doubt & overwhelm

👉🏼 You aren’t seeking another marketing guru to sell you on a complicated roadmap/course/funnel… but you would like support to actually produce consistent quality marketing content


Creative Lab content incubator pillars

Accelerate your biz & Create outstanding content with a small community
of big hearted Creators like you. 

We officially start June 1st for the Summer Quarter. 


You get 3 months of support for only $99!
Or Luxe level which includes 1 on 1 intensives (brand strategy & styling or content marketing) is $999



Deluxe Support
  • All the features of the Core Cohort
  • Two Intensives with Audette (1 strategy & 1 styling) or option for Brand Luxe VIP Day (value $1,300) 
  • V-Coaching included for full 6 weeks for additional support (choose between Voxer voice chat or Marco Polo for video chat)
  • Optional Video Shoot (for your styling intensive) at Catalyst HQ in Berkeley Ca


Well Hello… I am Audette…

Ladyboss & Creative Brand Strategist. 

I am TMFMOG AF (Too multi-faceted for my own good) & have done a Lot of dabbling & shiny idea chasing, yet have also created an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is both shiny & solid.   

I run Catalyst Arts– a dynamic entertainment company & Elevated XR & Catalyst Studios, which are both about experiential & media marketing.  

I’m Obsessed with Gold & Creativity & Optimization & this lab is here to make bring that to you in a low-pressure nurturing framework.  

I do have some legit training in branding & marketing & even a career coaching certification. But mainly I’d love to be a sort of biz fairy godmother & catalyst to help you create the small gems (content) that lead to the big dreams (a fruitful career & meaningful legacy) 

Core Content Creation Roadmap by Audette- Catalyst Studios

The Core Content Creation Roadmap will be our guide as the ‘Core Content’ of this program that helps you to Clarify, Structure, & Create YOUR Core Content. (meta I know) 

Core Content Action Plan- course overview (Growth Lab & Catalyst Studios)

Have you Taken our Quiz?
Your Natural Marketing Advantage

+ If you join this Summer there are


The tricky part is knowing which are most strategic, and finding the bandwidth to implement them all.

You really want to develop a world-class program that deeply impacts lives & also makes you a great living without ‘selling out’.                       
Oh & maybe leading a few transformational retreats a year in exotic locations would be a nice perk of this dream. 🙂

Ok yeah sounds fantastic… But HOW to Actually Get to that level from where you are now.

The Creative Lab is an INCUBATOR for the ongoing development of your creative projects, your core content pathways, & through that– your brand. 

It’s time to step into being a Prolific Creative BOS$ and the Growth Lab
(and all the amazing members inside) will help you do that.

The Goal is to GET $HIT DONE! The Right Priority stuff. This means Consistent ACTION.
Action leads to Momentum & Momentum is Everything in Business.

To sidestep the Pressure… I employ this mindset & framework of Experimentation.
You try & test & tweak & constantly refine your strategy & your offering.

Designed to Support Scattered Creative Entrepreneurs to Hone in on & Follow Through on your Prioritized Marketing Projects, especially creating Savvy Magnetic Content to build you brand authority & fill your program.

Would you like to…?

Use the Divi Builder…

to design your pop-up!

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You will also receive our Golden Nuggets E-Letter (promise we won't spam).

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