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I help overwhelmed creatives & service biz owners simplify your marketing with an elegant ecosystem keyed off of 1 core program & a compelling path full of G.E.M.S leading to it. 

m like your visual marketing Swiss army knife, switching from consultant to videographer, to biz coach, to designer. I save you heaps of time by honing in on your optimal strategy then rolling up my sleeves… because it is Action & Assets that matter most. So in my Luxe Days & via the Creative Lab, I help you get those created!  

Turn your Multi-Passionate Gifts into
Profitable Offers & Marketing Gems  

LUXE DAYS are a VIP Intensive service keyed off my signature Brand Gem Framework. 


They combine brand strategy with biz coaching, framework & program design services,
& Done for you, Done with you asset creation. 


I’ve chosen this format because it is satisfying to get so much done in the span of a day. 

They take place either at my studio in Berkeley, CA or in VHQ- a Virtual Video chat space I have designed for client meetings, luxe retreats & trainings. 


B Luxe Brand Gem VIP day

My signature Welcome Pack to hone us in on what will be the most helpful & to help me tailor the day to your needs

Pre & Post Voxer access to me (4 days leading up to your intensive & 4 days after)

A Full Day focused on YOU. Mapping, strengthening & polishing your Brand Gem

1 – 2 Key MAP Deliverables  (such as the marketing activation plan)

1 – 2 Key Design Assets Created for you

Bonus: 2 months membership in the Creative Lab co-work club 

B Luxe VIP Day Testimonial
Brand Luxe VIP day client collage
my VIP days cover Substance, Strategy & Style
C Luxe Core Content Intensive VIP day

The C- Luxe VIP day will be tailored to you. 
If you don’t have a core framework in your biz, then this is the suggested focus. Having a thought leadership framework is foundational & an absolute
game-changer in your confidence about speaking, teaching, & coaching with a structure that is both unique but cohesive.

If you already have a framework you are happy with then we can focus on a Content to Client Roadmap & a batching strategy, & once that is dialed in, we use the rest of our time to actually create video content together. 

You have the option of doing it in person at my lovely studio in North Berkeley, CA

or in a virtual video chat retreat space I have designed for this purpose.
This space is much more dynamic than a zoom room & allows us to move from classroom to screenshare to refining our agenda on a shared conceptboard, to co-working.

It is important to me that you get a tangible core asset out of this day. I will design our day to ensure that you walk away with a valuable deliverable most relevant to your current situation.

Summer Luxe VIP day Sale

  My Group Program

Catalyst Studios- Brand Photography & Video Studio in Berkeley, CA

 BRAND Photo/Video Shoot STUDIO 

Catalyst Studios HQ is in Berkeley, CA & is used for myself & my clients to host Virtual Workshops, Live videos & Courses & Trainings… as well as creative brand Shoots. 

It is where my VIP intensives take place (when in person) & features 2 rooms, lighting, tripods, lighted makeup station, photo backdrop, large white board, & 4 possible video shoot locations. 

The perfect place to get your high quality Content batch created.
Members of the Creative Lab incubator get discounted rates for their shoots.  

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