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Growth Lab

If you’re like many Creators you are juggling a Thousand
Projects  & Ideas for your growing biz. You are giddy with ideas & skills & options but scattered & overwhelmed AF. 

The problem is, you don’t know which are most strategic, nor do you have the bandwidth to implement them all.

(not to mention all the other things you need to research to make your dreams a reality… like what tech to use, which platform is best and how do you make it all work?)  

So you end up spread thin chasing shiny tactics, spinning your wheels doing #allthethings, but end up feeling pretty $hitty about how little of those grand intentions you’ve actually accomplished.


You really want to develop a world-class program that deeply impacts lives & also makes you a great living without ‘selling out’.                       
Oh & maybe leading a few transformational retreats a year in exotic locations would be a nice perk of this dream. 🙂

Ok yeah sounds fantastic… But HOW to Actually Get to that level from where you are now.

Slick marketers are always trying to sell you expensive programs to magically solve these problems… but the ‘community’ is just a fluffy facebook group & the program is a huge pile of content to consume… but no actual Support for your unique situation.

So even investing in these programs doesn’t end up getting you much further to those big goals & you start to wonder if you have what it takes or if you have to settle for calling it a hobby & resigning to some safe (boring) Plan B. 

But you are here for way more than that & you are ready to shift this disempowering story & take Consistent ACTION in that Golden direction. 

While others would lie to you & say they have the perfect 5 step formula for easy success, the non-sexy truth is that it takes clear strategy.

Not a generic strategy but one tailored to all the unique facets & contours of your business.

Another tough love truth is that it takes Time + a lot of Consistent baby Steps to build anything worthwhile in this world.  

So you need to keep refueling yourself for the long game. 

It takes guidance & mentorship as well as Community to birth those big world-changing level dreams. 

It takes Experimentation & Iteration to tweak & refine your plans & commitment to making progress on the regular.

The way we get to those big Up-Levels is by constantly choosing all the little up levels.  

The Growth Lab is an INCUBATOR for the ongoing development of your brilliant ideas, creative projects/content, & through that– your brand. 

 Building your meaningful Legacy Brand is SO worth the effort…  it is the best thing that I have ever done with my creativity… & I have done a Lot! 

But it isn’t about hype injected tactics that don’t fit you right &  burn you out.

It is about harvesting your wisdom & experiences & packaging it into valuable forms you are proud to share. 
Rallying your creative powers. Building a meaningful business is like cultivating a Garden… it takes work & nurturing but it will provide nourishment that makes the work worth it. 

Growing yourself & your Garden of Signature Content, which leads to a more Profitable & Impactful Brand.
Together we will dress our messages in magnetism & personality,  create great-looking  content & find a savvy marketing strategy that we can execute like a boss. 

That is what I help you do in the Growth Lab. 

It is a quarterly commitment Incubator that gets you taking ACTION on what will actually get your biz more fruitful, visible,  & profitable. 

It’s not just another membership. It’s a community experience of powerful productivity + a safe environment to  experiment & evolve your core messages/content & event program. 

It’s time to step into being a Prolific Creative BOS$ and the Growth Lab
(and all the amazing members inside) will help you do that.

We officially start June 1st ! JOIN the WAITLIST & get a special BONUS training.

9 + 2 =


Well Hello… I am Audette…

A Ladyboss & Creative Content Strategist. 

I am TMFMOG AF (Too multi-faceted for my own good) & have done a Lot of dabbling & shiny idea chasing, yet somehow managed to weave many threads together into an eclectic artistic career & also a successful thriving business. 

I run Catalyst Arts– a dynamic entertainment company in California that has thousands of costumes, books 100+ artists to bring fabulousness to hundreds of events a year.

I’m Obsessed with Gold & Creativity & Optimization & though I am an artist to the bone… I fancy myself a bit of a social scientist too… conducting personal & social experiments. 

I do have some legit training in coaching & branding & marketing & I have grown a thriving service-based biz… But I  am not trying to ‘position myself’ as some business expert with some perfect plan to save you & make you rich.

I’d love to be a sort of biz fairy godmother & catalyst in your life… to help you stop making excuses & start making More Magic, Money & Impact!

I made the Creative Legacy Roadmap to give a Birds Eye Overview of the Phases of growing your Biz to Legacy Level where that larger impact can really happen.

Where your prosperity earns you the position of supporting the causes you care most about & making the difference you are most called to make. 

The Growth Lab is here to support you both with training & with an accountability container to clarify, polish, package, & promote your Signature content… to develop that body of work organically & with intent. 

+ If you join this SPRING there are


You don’t need to do it all Alone. Saying yes to this Incubator is being fully
committed to your Growth. 

Accelerate & Create with a small community of big hearted Creators like you. 

Designed to Support Scattered Creative Entrepreneurs to Hone in on & Follow Through on your Prioritized Projects, creating Savvy Magnetic Content to build you brand & fill your funnel. 

Would you like to…?

Use the Divi Builder…

to design your pop-up!

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