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To be functional & fabulous online in 2020



I love this note taking app with a passion
not usually given to any software 🙂
This is my primary collection point for all my ideas, Educational harvests, web clippings & inspirations.

>It is FREE with an optional pro version.


An online Screen Capture tool that makes it very easy to capture your screen or your face + screen & make instant videos out of them. Great for Tasks for outsourcing, Tutorials, or Course Materials! 

>FREE (but has a pro option)


This is a simple design toolkit that you use online (unlike photoshop which is an app) that makes it fast for designers to make visuals & easy for non-designers to make visuals of all kinds.

>It has FREE & Pro versions


This is my current Email Marketing provider. I like many graduated from MailChimp to Convertkit.  In addition to standard email services there is also Landing page templates included & it is user friendly.

>$29 Month


This is the CRM (client relationship management) system that I settled on after spending way too much time flirting with a dozen of options. It is pretty user friendly & allows you to track leads, nurture them with templated responses, & keep a client database.

>It is approx $35 month.


This is no longer a secret tool as it is gaining users very fast. But it is a great choice for virtual client sessions as well as for hosting virtual group sessions such as group coaching programs. It also has limited webinar functionality.

>FREE with pro plan at $15 month


To be Functional & Fabulous Online in 2020


Envato Elements is an amazing source for All the digital assets you could want in a 1 stop shop. You can buy exactly what you need or get the subscription like I have- giving you Unlimited downloads- saving time sourcing all over the place.

>$198 year but really worth it!


This is the tool that I ended up choosing for my Facebook Live Show. It is a fantastic upgrade if going Live (on any social channel) is part of your plans. It allows custom branding, screen sharing, videos, guests & so much more.

> $15 month


This is my favorite software for making Slide Decks, winning out over PowerPoint & Google Slides for good looks & ease of use. Free + premium Templates avail & customizing them to your branding.

> Comes Free with Apple computers. If PC user- try Google Slides


Trello is a versatile tool that can be used for organization as well as project management. I like to use it as a visual overview of my biz as well as for helping to manage remote workers tasks.

> Free with pro option


This is a great solution for service providers who want an easy scheduler that also takes payments with no fuss. It has an added bonus of making you a good looking site that you can use right away or embed within your own site!

> $9-29 month



Zapier is brilliant because it connects virtually any software you use to any other software. It builds a bridge so that you can have a complete system even when the softwares don’t have integrations or play well together. Once you set them up they continue to make your biz life easier.

> Free for up to 5 Zaps. Then $20

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